Packing and Storage

Professional Packaging

Many families take advantage of professional packing services for furniture and fragile items to ensure the safety of belongings during transport.  Each item is carefully packed and handled by Lori sewa movers, properly labelled, and boxed according to size and function.

Movers make sure to use the right packaging materials.  In case of furniture or appliances, movers take care of disassembling items carefully and packing with utmost care.  Large furniture such as armchairs and sofas are wrapped with protective covers to guarantee protection from dirt and damage.

Moving professionals will ensure that:

  1. sturdy moving boxes are used and sealed properly
  2. boxes are filled appropriately without being curved or out of shape
  3. weight of boxes are correct and not over-weight
  4. proper cushioning from packing materials to absorb shock
  5. items are not mixed up and only similar items are placed in each box

It is a practice in the moving industry that damage to goods that were not packed by movers is not shouldered by the moving company.

Professional packers can make your move stress-free and easy.

If you are short of time and manpower, you can facilitate your move by hiring professional packaging services.  For local or long distance moving, majority of moving companies charge hourly rates.

Storage Services

Many full service moving companies offer clean and secure storage services for customers.  They have their own warehouse that is provided with round the clock security and surveillance, climate-control features, and are completely accessible.

Storage can be necessary because:

  • the new address is not yet ready for occupancy
  • down-sizing may necessitate storage of unneeded items
  • schedule of move is not yet final
  • repair works
  • full or partial re-development
  • temporary absence

Whatever the reason, you can obtain affordable and secure storage options for short or long-term use.

It is also useful to note that many moving specialists include storage for customers who avail of full-service moving.

Packaging services and storage services are also ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

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