Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO)


Providing invaluable resources and unparalled knowledge to coordinate energy single shipping logistics with the utmost precision and adherence to time and budget requirement. To achieve the government apparition and inline to the economics transportation programme.
•  Expert on site supervision at origin, destination or any point in-between.
•  Technical planning for all heavy lift and dimensional loads viaspecialized truck, rail, barge, ocean vessel & aircraft.
•  Optimal combinations of liner service and part/full charters to meet the project needs.
•  Detailed & accurate documentation.
•  Update status reporting.
•  Dedicated, hands-on project coordination, anywhere in the world
•  Consulting expertise for our clients’ complex Letters Of Credit & bid documents
•  Advice on optimal cargo specifications to minimize costs & maximizesafe handling

We are  professional and specialized lori sewa company in providing transfer, packaging, logistics and Relocation services throughout Malaysia and overseas

MTO: It’s all about any kind of freighting mode

MTO PORTFOLIO (International Moving)

Shipment household effect from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia To Toronto, Canada

Shipment High Tech Equipment from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia To Doha, Qatar

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