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The immigration process can be complicated and frustrating for an assignee and clients alike, that’s why we make sure our Relocation adviser who is handling the relocation is a specialist in the immigration process. They will make sure all documentation and information required are collected quickly. The submission is done as early as possible after every detail has been checked that the assignee is kept updated on the major steps in the process and on the timeline for the approval.


Home Finding programme’s purpose is to find and secure a home in accordance with company policies and individual needs. The service can either be a basic service with the assignee sourcing their own properties and Sky Line Movers Relocations only negotiating with the agent/landlord and screening the lease before final signing or can be expanded to include all services related to the full home search programme.
Our Housing specialists have extensive market knowledge and exceptional negotiation skills, this enables them to find the preferred home for the employee based on their budget and to negotiate the best possible lease conditions. The process saves the client and the employee financial liability, time and unnecessary stress.


Move Management(Lori sewa Pindah office) provides clients with end to end management of the shipments through our Asia-Pacific service centre, a move specialist will be assigned to the case if it is shipment only and if it is part of the integrated relocation package then a Relocation adviser will manage this service in accordance with policy allowances. We have a very strong partner network as Sky Line MoversMoving has been handling international Shipments for more then 10 years. The process includes the payment of the vendors and also the tracking of the costs so that comparisons can be made if required.


If an employee and their family know what to expect from their new location, then this helps them make more informed decisions about where to live and where to educate their children. This makes the assignee more comfortable and it more likely that the employee will settle in and be able to focus on their new role.
By having this service it also reduces the risk of the assignee being unhappy not knowing what to expect in the new location. The orientation/preview trip orientation can be tailored to the assignees or client requirements, we can provide more information on housing and schooling options, shopping, medical and banking facilities, recreation transportation systems typical living conditions and any special security concerns. An additional day can be packaged to include a home search service to help the employee decide where to live and narrow down the areas of interest before the official arrival in the new location.


Settling-in support can include a wide range of services but based on the clients and assignees needs we can tailor the service to meet objectives. Relocating from one place to another is a huge cultural adjustment, involving many administrative tasks and sometimes difficult decisions. This can leave the employee and their family looking after the necessities of every day life and attempting to deal with service providers in a foreign location. The stress this can cause means that employees may take longer to adjust and cannot focus on their new role effectively. In hardship locations this might lead to an unhappy assignee which may jeopardies the assignment.


When departing a country there are many different aspects to think of and making the process run smoothly can be difficult, Sky Line Movers Relocations will make sure all services run smoothly and concurrently so the assignee can focus on their repatriation or posting in the new location.

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