Domestic Movers

Domestic Movers

Choose Skyline Movers Malaysia for domestic or national moving. It’s the best move you will ever make. As a leader in the removals industry, we offer the highest standard of service and solutions to suit your needs and your budget.

With a wide range of moving services Skyline Movers Malaysia simplifies your domestic move!

Our team of experts will handle every step of the domestic removal process, no matter the volume or the destination of your move.

All your household items will be carefully packed with our innovative packing materials and loaded with care into our clean and regularly inspected trucks.

To ensure that your home is left in pristine condition, all exposed areas such as doors, routing walls, stairs or even lifts will be protected, at departure and destination.

Skyline Movers Malaysia is growing rapidly for consistently offering quality relocation services after packing all types of goods. Relocation service is offered by us while the clients want to permanently shift from one city to another. All your valuables are taken intact to your specified destination or city in timely manner. Relocation in your new home is a reality that we let you realize in the best possible way.

Our relocation services assure stress-free, trouble-free, damage-less and best possible relocation and shifting of your goods. Skyline Movers Malaysia always adopts cautious approach and puts fine arrangement in place while offering relocation services. With our household relocation services, we guarantee your permanent relocation in easy and modest way from one city to another.

At Skyline Movers Malaysia, we handle your goods with maximum care, so you can move with peace of mind.

We pick up the goods as per your convenience and deliver them to you in the same condition at the earliest possible time. All goods are packed with original packing material, transported & technical loading in the appropriate vehicle and delivered to the desired destination. We relocate industrial equipments, furniture, computers, cabinets, hospital equipments and four wheeler vehicles etc. To deliver these things in a timely, cost efficient manner and with safety, we use our computer assisted transportation and a team of experts.

While moving a huge cargo or load, you will always be in need of truck-lori sewa. Malaysia may have a few proffessional movers who offer truck-lori sewa. Those companies can get no way near our experience in the industry. We offer the best truck-lori sewa.

Our truck-lori are highly maintained to perfect condition. They are constantly checked for repairs and also damages are immediately corrected right after each trip. The trucks are in first class working condition and are able to move smoothly in the roads.

The lori sewa are available at affordable costs to the customers.


lori sewa 1 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton and 40 foot trailer

Lori Kanvas, Lori Bonded, Lori Tail Lift, Lori Kargo, Lori Kren, Side Curtain

Packing, Opening, Replacing, Moving and Moving Works (Packing, Dismantling, re-assemble, moving, relocation)

Private & Individual Transfers Works – Moving Home, Moving Room, Moving Goods (Furniture, Home Appliances, Electronics, Landscape etc.)

Corporate & Government Transfer Works – Moving Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Moving Government Assets, Moving Documents, Moving Machines & Machinery, etc.

High Risk Transfer Work – Precious Government Asset Transfers, Anti-Alteration of Goods, Heavy Weapons, Commodities (Gold, Silver, Treasure, etc.)

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