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We are a professional and specialized company in providing transfer, packaging and logistics services throughout Malaysia and overseas. SLM is committed to customer satisfaction and we work every day in any way to provide the best service to every customer. We serve every customer honestly, fairly and professionally. We have experienced professional sales and technical personnel and efficient and skilled full-time employees. This is because of our professional capabilities and experience for over 14 years in the domestic and international transport, packaging and logistics industry.

Sky Line Movers was started in 2001 and is based in Klang, Selangor. At the beginning of the establishment, SLM is actively involved in providing quality and efficient services such as 1 tonne truck, 3 tonne, 5 tonne truck, home rental truck, office moving truck lorry and high-speed warehouse and warehouse work.

We started our operations with only a 1 ton truck and 2 full-time workers. Blessed with satisfaction and continued support provided by our customers, SLM managed to take a step further by upgrading the service quality and current assets to 3 tonne and 5 tonne rental trucks.

On recognition as the best packing and moving service provider by our loyal customers, SLM has been selected as the permanent transporter of several leading and international storage companies in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to this day.

The advantages of SLM compared to other industry players in the Klang Valley, make Sky Line Movers very much on the quality and quality of its services all the time. Among the best SLM services include expertise in H-Grade packaging, Custom packing, Carrougated packing, high-risk stuff packing, labeling of goods, tagging, marking and composing items professionally.

Every home, premise and office that moves in Malaysia is unique. That is why we offer the best customization in our Pro transfer service in the Klang Valley in particular and throughout the peninsular Malaysia. Your Pro Mover Personal Moving Package is sure to meet your budget requirements, schedules and budget through each level of professional transfer process that we run.

Sincerely from us,

Savier Tamby & Dorairaju, Founder SLM Group



Relocation Services in Selangor

To become Malaysia No#1 Packing and Moving specialist provider and complete range complementary logistic services.


Relocation Services Malaysia

To provide fast and safe delivery, competitive price and committed to excellent services.


  • Lead with humility and respect.
  • Earn trust through authenticity and accountability.
  • Practice servant leadership and demand the highest standards.


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